Daughters and Mothers:
Making it Work
by Dorothy Firman and Julie Firman

published by HCI Publishing, 2003, Deerfield Beach, Florida
copyright, 1989, now in its fifth printing

Dorothy and Julie Firman are a mother/daughter pair who have been offering mother/daughter workshops throughout this country for more than 15 years. Both are psychotherapists. Both are mothers and daughters. Their work has been an inspiration and source of healing for thousands of women.
Their book, Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work is a continued source of healing for women. It combines theory, stories from women and from the authors and exercises to create a true opportunity for work towards wholeness. The book has been highlighted on radio and TV, including The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"This magical, inspiring, and deeply felt book is a wonderful resource for professional and nonprofessional alike. If you, Mother, and you, Daughter, had a fairy godmother, this is the gift she would give you!" Lynn Hoffman, author of Foundations of Family Therapy

Table of Contents

Part I The Past
1. Conditioning and Uniqueness
2. Growing Up Female
3. Many, Many Messages
4. The Story of Our Lives

Part II The Present
5. More Than a Daughter, More Than a Mother
6. Mother in My Life
7. Letting Go of the Past
8. Who am I?

Part III The Future
9. Acceptance and Forgiveness
10. Together, by Choice
11. When Problems Arise
12. Enduring Love

This book is available through your local bookstore or may be ordered online directly from: HCI at by clicking here