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This latest addition to the Chicken Soup series … is pleasantly uplifting overall. While some of the contributors are well known-Jaquelyn Mitchard and Eda LeShan-most are not. Perhaps, that's why these emotional mother-daughter stories resonate. The vignettes all revolve around the unique bond between mothers and daughters that is often surprising or not fully appreciated until after someone is ill or dies. For example, Julia A. Doyle writes, "In 1990, my mother's life was cut short by the selfishness of a drunk driver. I was sixteen, and had so much left to learn from Mom, but she had already taught me her greatest lesson-loving and caring unselfishly." In "The Lost Heart," Therese Brady Donohue remembers being present while one of her daughters gave birth-at the very same hospital where her middle daughter had died of cancer just days earlier: "On Easter Sunday, I was back in Boston at the same hospital that had been my daughter's last hope. As I held my grandson in my arms, the emotional pendulum was swaying much too fast...." This is a perfect gift for women of all ages.
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The first bond, primal and durable and fraught, the relationship some of us believe will cut the pattern for all the other relationships life ever offers, is displayed in this volume. There are stories by funny writers, witty writers, graceful writers, writers famous and obscure. And they bear witness to motherhood and daughterhood in ways that we are powerless to resist. We laugh; we cry; we identify. We remember. -Jaqueline Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean.

This book presents the deep wisdom, grace and heart of the stories of women — mothers and daughters. It is a recipe for soulfulness, for finding authentic values amidst daily life—this book is a treasure for all to explore. -Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D.
CEO and Co-Founder, Omega Institute, author of Time Shifting.

You don't have to be a mother or daughter to love Chicken Soup for the Mother’s and Daughter ‘s Soul. I'm a father and son, and the book brought tears to my eyes. It is filled with love, joy, and healing. -Michael Leach, editor of I Like Being Married and I Like Being American.

As a psychotherapist and parent educator, I am moved by the many stories of healing, love and timeless wisdom that are shared by mothers and daughters in this book. Stories like this help to heal the soul and inspire the best within each of us. -Ilene Val-Essen, author of Bring out the Best in Your Child and Yourself.

In this exceptionally poignant book, the authors weave deeply touching and personal stories attesting to the timelessness of this emotionally complex relationship. A must-read for all mothers and daughters! -Robert Friedman, author of The Healing Power of the Drum.

The mother-daughter stories that the Firmans' have gathered reach for the deep bond of love that underlies this most complex relationship. In a time that is fraught with stories of despair and confusion, this collection offers a message of hope for us all. -Jeanne Lightfoot and Bill Ryan, authors of In The Woods, At the Water: Healing Journeys into Nature.

All too often, my male clients believe that they can only experience real emotions in response to a marquee event or highly dramatic moment. These engaging stories can teach men that opening ourselves to the simple and poignant moments may be what most stirs our heart and reminds us of the treasures in our intimate connections with others.
-Kevin Quirk, author of Not Now, Honey, I'm Watching the Game.

Like a therapeutic massage, this book is full of short, easy-to-read pieces that give you a welcome break. -Ellen Story, Massachusetts State Representative

Dorothy and Julie Firman have been teaching a mother-daughter workshop at Omega Institute for twenty years. That means that more than 1,000 mothers and daughters have had their relationships uplifted and healed by this dynamic and talented duo. Now they bring their understanding to a book of touching stories that awaken the strong feelings between mothers and daughters. A beautiful reminder for anyone who has a mother or a daughter (or both!) to communicate love, support, and gratitude. -Elizabeth Lesser
Cofounder, Omega Institute, author of The Seeker's Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure.

The difficult task of “species bonding” faces all of us in a world filled with alienation and disconnection. These beautifully crafted stories about mothers and daughters both remind and inspire us fathers and men, to refocus our attention away from what separates us, to what matters the most—each other. This is a must read for fathers too
. -John B. Franklin, Ph.D. author of FatherBirth: A Close Encounter of a Fourth Kind.

Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul is a book that I highly recommend. The stories range from tales of pain and recovery to stories of laughter and friendship. The book moves one from tears of sadness to smiles of happy recognition and reconciliation. I could see my life with my own daughter in many of the stories. -Shirley Rich Krohn, Casting Agent, NYC.